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White Wines

Youthful straw yellow color. Aged half in American oak, half in stainless steel, then combined to provide very clean ripe pear tastes, subtle floral notes and vanilla toastiness. Layers of complexity with an excellent balance of fresh fruit acidity and palate-weight. (750 ml)

Pinot Grigio
Medium bodied wine, crisp with fresh lively flavors. Pairs well with chicken and fish (750 ml)

Dry Riesling
This dry classic German wine reveals a flowery nose grapefruit/melon mid-palate and clean tart finish (750ml)

Dry, Alsace-style Gew├╝rztraminer varietal, this wine is flowery with a hint of spice. (750ml)

Vynecrest White
A blend featuring both the Traminette and Cayuga grapes, this versatile, semi-sweet German dinner wine completes any meal. (750ml)

Silver Medal :: This classic German wine reveals a flowery nose and a soft finish with a hint of melon. (750ml)

Autumn Gold
Always a favorite, this blend produces a fruity forward nose and clean finish. Good with fruit, cheese and desserts. (750ml)

First Blush
A blend of red and white grapes, similar to a white Zin, this wine exudes an elegant body with a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy chilled. (750ml)

A Native-American grape, this sweet, fruity wine is perfect for entertaining or just relaxing at home. (750ml)

This sweet dessert wine combines the floral aromas of Vignoles with ripe fruit flavors and a long luscious finish - serve chilled. (750 ml)

Sparkling Vidal
Semi-Sweet Sparkling wine. Great balance of acid and fruit. This 100% Vidal sparkling is delicious with seafood and appetizers or just sitting outside enjoying the sunset. (750ml)