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Red Wines


Vintage: 2013

Residual Sugar: .1%

pH: 3.54

TA: 6.0

Description: The jewel of the Lehigh Valley, this grape has found a home in our climate. Hints of cherry and blackberry, it has soft velvety finish.(750ml)

Our Flagship Wine, this full-bodied dry red vinifera commands your attention with big, bold flavors and rich tannic finish. (750ml)

Cabernet Franc
Lighter than its Cab Sauvignon relative, it is dry, oak-aged with cherry aromas and a soft, smooth lingering finish. (750ml)

Pinot Noir
Silver Medal :: Medium-bodied old world classic with an enticing bouquet finishing with subtle earthy undertones. (750ml)

Vynecrest Red
Light, pleasant, soft semi-sweet blend crafted in the mold of a Chianti. Our "house" red that compliments everyday meals. (750ml)

Summertime Red
Sweet and fruity "porch-sipping," sangria-style wine. (750ml)

DiVyne Red
Double Gold Medal. Made from the all-American grape, Concord, this wine is meant to be enjoyed, not studied. Sweet and fun, serve slightly chilled. (750ml)

Cherry DiVyne
Made from 100% Montmorency sour cherries. CAUTION pairing with dark chocolate will result in a heavenly sensation.

No grapes added. This wine is made from 100% blueberries and was finished sweet. Pairs wonderfully with cake, vanilla ice cream or cream cheese.

Spiced Winter Red
Our popular winter wine made in the style of the traditional German Gl├╝hwein. Great served warm. Released October 1st. (750ml)